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Caroline Carr Funeral Celebrant

Get Customised Funeral Services for a Loved One

Caroline Carr Funeral Celebrant offers personalised funeral services for families in the East and West Midlands, United Kingdom. My services include direct cremation, pet services, and living funerals.

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Personalised Funeral Services

The ways we think about funerals are changing. Locations of where they are held, the content, and other personal choices for people are growing. This is why I offer to create unique services tailored to the needs of a person’s preference. Please contact Caroline Carr Funeral Celebrant in the West Midlands, United Kingdom to discuss your personal ideas and requirements. 

Direct Cremation

More people are considering the option to have no one present at their funeral. Aside from being a personal choice, sometimes the cost is also a part of the reason. To help people to still be able to say goodbye to their loved ones, I offer a celebration of life or memorial service as an option.

Gathering and remembering their loved one and sharing their life story with family and friends help the grieving process. This can be in a venue of your choosing, including a favourite place you visited or even in your garden. 

Living Funerals

During the past year, many people have been faced with the unexpected loss of someone close to them. Families who are suddenly in their sadness needing to make choices about what kind of service, music, or words to be read at their funeral add to the distress and shock they already are experiencing.

In arranging a living funeral, we can make choices and plans about how you want to be remembered at your own funeral. So, you are not leaving those difficult decisions to your loved ones when you die. Please contact me so we can chat over a cup of tea at a place of your choosing. 

Pet Funeral Services

Our pets are often like family and friends to us, and losing a pet is very painful for some people. A pet funeral service can sometimes help them say goodbye to their friend in a healing and meaningful way. It may be a very simple and personal way to say goodbye using pictures or poems, in a place where they had their favourite walks or spent their time. 

Contact a Funeral Celebrant

As a funeral celebrant, I try to help families see all the options open to them and create individual funeral services that reflect their loved ones. I provide personalised services so they can be remembered in a memorable and fitting way.

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